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To keep players entertained, the best casinos have promotions for existing players. And game of the month bonuses and free spins are a great way to do this.

The concept is pretty simple. The casino picks a game and gives out a deposit bonus or free spins for it. This allows you to try that game without using your own cash to bet.

There are only a few game of the month casinos UK though. Despite this promotion’s popularity. You can check out a list of casinos with game of the month bonuses and free spins below:

Top game of the month casino UK

Game of the month free spins

In most cases, you’ll be given free spins to use on a casino’s game of the month slot choice. It will most likely be listed on their Promotions page. Or you might receive an email about it.

To activate this offer, it depends what type of promotion it is. Sometimes you will get free spins on registration no deposit. So a payment isn’t needed. Other times you’ll need to make a deposit to activate it. Make sure to check the terms and conditions to find out.

The free spins will probably come with wagering requirements. This means you don’t win real money straight away. Instead, you’ll win bonus money which you’ll need to wager many times. You’ll probably lose it before it’s turned into real money.

But sometimes you’ll be given no wagering free spins. This is great as anything you win will be paid to you as cash.

Game of the month bonus

Instead of getting free spins, sometimes you’ll instead get bonus money straight up. You’ll almost certainly need to make a deposit for this. Usually it’s no more than £10 or £20.

The advantage of these promotions is that the amount of bonus money you get is often quite high. This means you’ll probably be able to play the game of the month longer than you would with a batch of free spins.

The downside is that you will almost certainly have wagering requirements here too. And they can be quite high – meaning it’s very unlikely you’ll actually be able to win real money and cash it out.

Game of the month casino

For whatever reason, game of the month promotions aren’t given at all sites. They decide to go with other offers.

This is a bit of a shame because British players tend to enjoy a guaranteed bonus every month. They know they always have this as an extra benefit. Sometimes it’s even every week.

Game of the month slots

The exact game of the month is chosen by the casino. You often won’t know which one they’ve chosen until the promotion starts.

They often choose a slot that’s very popular. That’s because they know players have an interest in playing it. This increase the chances of a player taking the offer.

On other occasions, it’s a great way to introduce players to a new slot game that’s just been released. Some players are reluctant to bet their own money on a slot they don’t know too well. So this can help to bridge that gap by allowing them to bet without using their own money so they can play with their own money in future.

Finally, a casino might choose a slot that’s not well-known. Perhaps they want to boost it’s reputation to attract more players in future. Or maybe they’ve partnered with a specific game designer who has recommended that slot. However, this strategy is riskier as players may decide not to bother taking up the offer that month. So it’s quite rare.

Whatever the game is, make sure you’ve got your notifications turned on. That way you’ll be kept up to date about the newest promotion as soon as it goes live each month.