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Gamblermaster loves himself and his name, and that’s why he decided to expand his site to other languages in a fit of grandeur. He likes to be heard and seen.

Of course, this was also to come back and haunt the Master, formerly known in circles as Meister. But that’s something only very few know.

There is a touch of irony in the name itself, as Gamblermaster is not really a master gambler. Just an ordinary losing player, like any other mortal.

However, there is a lot of information about gambling and online casinos that has been acquired. Thus, the website was born.

Gamblermaster is quite good at knowing what a good online casino really is. When a new online casino comes up for the test, the pen doesn’t mince words. The pros and cons are picked apart to see if the casino makes the list of the top online casinos or not.

Gamblermaster follows trends and knows how players want to play at the moment. And, of course, what games players want to play.

What is a really good deposit bonus and what is a waste of time? Is the online casino a reliable and safe place to play or a scam? Gamblermaster will tell you!

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